Anson House-Laurens Place

Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 1:17 am

Anson House – Laurens Place
Luxury Downtown Condominiums
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Condominium and townhouse living has become increasingly appealing for prospective homeowners within the Charleston region. Featuring prime waterfront, oceanfront and historic locations, custom construction, and luxury amenities, condos can offer more top quality of life for cost per square foot, with less time an expense on maintenance and remodeling. For company, medical and legal professionals and residents with single or dual earnings and no children, oversized homes with astronomical utility bills located on stressful commutes via suburbia aren’t the desired lifestyle. Charleston’s premiere condominiums afford comfortable living spaces in appealing locations with attentive property management.

Charleston is experiencing a wonderful deal of condo conversions, especially in downtown Charleston. A lot of historic Charleston duplexes and triplexes are being turned into condominiums around the Charleston peninsula. On James Island and Mount Pleasant there are various apartment buildings that happen to be renovated and turned into condominiums as well as new condo properties. There are several investors seeking investment opportunities in new condo developments. Parents and young professionals are buying condos for their children attending school and working in Charleston, SC

Foreclosures in Charleston, SC have already been more and more widespread the last few years. As soon as the real estate market began cooling off many house buyers had invested in homes they just couldn’t pay for as well as the values dropped below what they could market them for.

Short Sales are also more common. A quick sale occurs a property owner owe in excess of the home is worth but must sell it. The moment a price is agreed on along with a contract is signed by the buyer and the seller, the agreement is sent to mortgage holder for final approval. This usually takes any where from 4 to 12 weeks to be total. A small sale may give buyers a powerful way to buy a property at a discount, however each and every shorter sale is different and depends extremely upon what the seller is able to complete, not necessarily how qualified the buyer is.

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